Our company, as ÇETİK ISI SANAYİ was established. İn 1986 year. Our first producing was solar collector. But after times,fort he development economic Heat solitions, it started to AR-GE (Research and Development) workings. At the 1998 year, taken By from this works positive result and in same year Started to producing for Solid Fuel Boiler.
Now, 10.000 m2 close area total 13.000 m2 factory Area and approximately with 100 expert staff, in 1Year 10.000 Boilers are manufacturing.In this context,ÇETİK ISI SANAYİ to be make big investments and with Quality policy, to hold up customer pleasure first plan. As we ÇETİK ISI SANAYİ, our main goal is, representation High technology, strıng capital stock, high humane Asset and international norm.This manufacturing can Be make each one expert and Professional team,be Use the last technology.Therefore, economic, safety and with patent large product range, to become, request brand in Turkey.
Producttivity and quality of CE, TS EN ISO 9001:2000, TSE, UKR-SEPRO, GOST-R, EAC TR TS, certificate and University efficiency with reports proving ÇETİK ISI SANAYİ,cause of high quality production , not limited with our country; in South America,Australia,Europe, Middle East and Central Asia regions, more than 60 Countries exports to the continues every day.